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Identity theft, can you stop it?

Internet Identity Theft is the term for the criminal act of stealing personal information with the intent of using it to create similar cloned identities without the victims' knowledge. Not everyone knows how identity theft protection can be archived and the person whose identity is used can experience different consequences when is held responsible for the thief’s actions. In many countries, using another person’s identity for personal gain is considered to be a crime and is accordingly punished.

How your identity gets stolen.

Thieves can steal your identity by going through mail and trash, looking for bank and credit statements, stealing personal information from your wallet or getting your personal records at work. Recently thieves have discovered an easier ways for stealing your identity by acquiring personal information shared on unsecured Internet sites. Malicious E-mails are crafted to target you with attached applications that can harm your computer by remotely and secretly installing spyware. Your IP address can be traced back to your offline identity information like where your address, Internet connection, much more.

IP Identity theft protection

Protect Against IDENTITY THEFT... before its too late! Once your identity is stolen, thieves can use it in a variety of ways. Thieves use it for shopping online using your credit card or paying bills, opening new accounts and can get you into trouble with law. Unfortunately many people find out, the hard way, that their identity was stolen after the damage has been done. It is a good idea to consider the use of antiphishing tools, which are special programs that verify Web sites and URL’s warning about those that hide their true address. Some browsers like Google Chrome have this feature built in. Another method is to use a program that will hide your IP address every time you browse the Internet, stopping hackers in their tracks. Hide My IP provides you with this security, a small one time fee for lifetime access.